Giordi    (Stuart - Florida)


Giordano “Giordi” was born in the city of Milan, Italy. He comes from a long line of authentic restaurateurs, and as young as 8 years old, he remembers observing and learning from his family’s businesses. He was particularly inspired by his mother’s passion for the restaurant business at the time. Sure enough, after school, he began working for some of Milan’s most prestigious hotels, where he expanded his experience and knowledge of the restaurant business inside and out. In 1992, Giordi opened the revolutionary Mister Marlin, his first restaurant in Milan. In 1998, he opened the elegant Señor Marlin, followed in 2002 by Mister Marlin Lounge Bar

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In 2004, Giordi expanded to Spain, with the opening of Mister Charly in Formentera, dedicated to his father. Ever since, Chef Giordi continued to study and explore the subtle nuances of authentic European cuisines, while blending together his creativity and passion for discovering new flavors. To this day, Chef Giordi continues to challenge his creativity, constantly seeking to create authentic and revolutionizing recipes, all while delivering a sensational dining experience. And occasionally, he can be seen singing a word or two from some of his favorite songs.

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